Wednesday, November 17, 2004

In Him We Move, Live and BE

As I was sharing with a friend, it is a fundamental and foundational thing He must work within us, that our soul has nothing to offer us in the way of enlightenment
All of the "wilderness" talk irks me to no end. The wilderness that is so often refereed too, is nothing more than us still trying within our soulishness to see, know, understand
It ain't going to happen, and that frustrates us to no end
But it is this very frustration being used of our Father to bring us into sobriety.

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Mercy Man said...

This speaks so powerfully to the reality of what goes on in the soul! To what you say, the flesh says "No, no, no!", and the Spirit and our spirit witnesses "Yes, yes, yes!" Amen, Brother! Keep on Bloggin'!