Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cloning Around

The following blog entry was from when I was using Type-Pad. I just came across the entries of this blog and thought I would post some of them here as I see fit.
Who's having a fit??


February 16, 2004

Cloning Around
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!!
I love how the Spirit of God is pulling back the curtain (veil) for us to see the Truth.The Lord Jesus Christ did not use any hocus-pocus, or genetic manipulation, in bringing about this miraculous life we have in Him.God has a wonderful sense of humour, but He don't 'clone' around!
The following is an excerpt from a friend who posted on a forum. The truth that was being communicated in the words she was using seized me in a fit of wonder!
"Yeah, there's growth... in knowing Him and receiving His wonderful gift of intimate, oneness, relationship with Him! The by-product of knowing Him is the reflection of His life in our lives... and it's that reflection of His life that many would call "growing in Christ".Then they set out to duplicate it... in total blindness to the fact that they don't need a copy of Who they already have. He grows us into a reflection of Himself in ways that man cannot accomplish by any effort of his own... Our thing is to let go of the control of the things of God and receive the free gift of what it means to have the Living One living in us."

This was my response to her.

"I have seen for years how man, led by his soul, has tried to take the 'spiritual DNA' from something, anything God has done, and then using his carnal hypodermic needle endeavoured to inject that DNA into other believers - totally apart from Him being the Father of that unique work.Simply because man is capable of messing around with the DNA of animals and "creating" new ones, he has believed the lie he can do the same in the spiritual."

Lords Jesus I love you!!!!

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