Saturday, February 12, 2005

An Exchange Of Life

The following is a copy of an instant message sent by my good friend Rick to another brother.
I asked him if I could post it here on my blog, because in it I see so much that revolves around the Truth-Life-Reality of what it means to be in Christ.

I have never met Rick in person, but our meeting with one another is no less real. I am indebted to our Father for the richness of His life that I have to come to experience in my brother.
In Him we move, live, and have our being!!!!!! A link to his blog

I do not have time right now to have my precious English Major wife to go through all of this and bring in the magical final touches needed, but it shall happen.


Everyone no doubt has a perspective, brother Frank. Of that there is no doubt. What I hear your soul crying out for is the Truth. Receiving the Love of the Truth is a good thing! You won’t go too far wrong in seeking the one Truth, for that is who He is.

As one who spent years in both the Charismatic movement and the “Grace” camp, I have seen the destruction that both can cause, when Truth is abandoned. What I found in the Charismatic movement is that much (but certainly not all) of what is attributed to demon spirits is demonic all right, but has its root, not in the celestial cities, but in the flesh of man. Casting out spirits of lust, fornication, lying, etc., does not really free anyone in the long run, because the primary manifestation of the enemy against a person’s soul is through their own flesh, something that cannot simply be exterminated or cast out, unless one can somehow remove his own brain (as it dwells in the body of man).

“Grace” people, for the most part, as you have probably noticed, make much sport of anything demonic. The devil/the demonic is really just the big boogey man/illusion, with no power to war against the soul of the saint. But this is not what the scriptures teach. Haven’t you asked yourself why in much of “Grace” teaching scripture use is either very selective, must be re-interpreted, or is disregarded altogether? If Jesus is the Truth, and the scriptures testify of that Truth, and I love the Truth, why would the writings of Christ or the Apostles be a stumbling block to my soul, unless I don’t really love the Truth. And who possibly would be directing and deceiving my soul away from the Truth and Light? My friend and Counselor, the Holy Spirit? Or perhaps the enemy of my soul? Is the Jesus of Revelation speaking to the churches the evil twin brother of the Jesus with the children on His lap? I used to think so. But as I awoke out of my soul slumber, I found that it is indeed the same Jesus, the Lover of my soul, and the one who speaks Truth, for that is what/who He is. If that Truth produces both Love and Reverence in my soul, is that not a good thing?

Those who would tell you that their message of license and liberty cannot possibly lead to vice, are either not being honest (would not be the first time for that on the Internet), or not being truthful (wouldn’t be the first time anyone was deceived), either totally reinterpreting what vice means, what sin means, even what Grace means (nothing more than an altered state of mind that a good hypnotist can accomplish. I know the latter because I used to be involved in “ministry” that used hypnosis).

I can only tell you what I have seen. We had a mini-“Grace revival” years ago, where a “Grace” teacher came in and taught that it was ALL finished. That you could live your life as you pleased. That this is God’s will and good pleasure. That sin is only an illusion now because it had been fully paid for. That All are reconciled to God and will experience Salvation, etc. Strangely, the fruit of that message in my own and others lives did not resemble the fruit of the Spirit, but the fruit or works of the flesh. I have seen widespread divorce, adultery, sexual immorality, lying, cheating, alcoholism, drug addiction, hatred, self-seeking, you name it, all done under the banner of “Grace”. Heck, even the “Grace” teacher himself returned to a homosexual lifestyle. Are these manifestations particular to the “Grace” movement? Certainly not. Are they evidence of deception/darkness in operation rather than Truth/Light? I think you know the answer to that yourself. Anyone who says that sin does not, when full grown, produce destruction in my soul, needs to think again.

Am I saying that these folk aren’t children of God anymore? Not in the least. Our spirits are in perfect union with Him. However, Is this “gospel” (or any other which is not of the Truth) the Path to sonship, to salvation of the soul? Does it lead us to walk in the Light, or in the darkness? Does it lead me to walk in the Spirit and treasure His Counsel, or walk in the flesh, and value its “advice.” Does it lead me to Love his Appearing, or dread it (or even make His Appearing into something it is not)? Does it lead me to a Love of the Truth, or a disdain for the same? Does it lead to a perfecting and maturity of my faith, or possibly a shipwreck of that same? Does it lead me to a yearning to see His good works borne through my soul, that He may be glorified, or a mind set on the things of the world/flesh, and how I might please myself? Does it lead to real Life working in me to overcome the desires of the flesh/enemy directed against my soul (aka temptation), or does it lead to justifying the desires and works of the flesh? Does it lead to putting on the full armour of God to stand against the wiles or strategies of the evil one, or to laying that same armour down, thinking either that the war is over, or even that it is impossible for me to be deceived.

Have you asked yourself why much of what you hear seems to be such a shell game, with no real answers to your questions? Perhaps because it is. Anyway, I am not trying to promote any agenda. And this is Robert’s site, so he obviously is paying the freight here. But maybe that Voice telling you that something is not right in this teaching is not “stinking thinking” but of your and my True Friend. He doesn’t disagree with the Scriptures. Amazingly the Life He desires to manifest through our souls does nothing but affirm the Truth witnessed to in the Scriptures, and the Scriptures themselves are meant to affirm the witness borne through our own soul, by that same Spirit.

Anyway, I just want to encourage you in your walk in Him. As one who spent years asleep in my soul in the darkness, I can testify that this is a very unprofitable path. Thank God for His Mercy! Blessings to you brother!

Your brother in Christ,

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