Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Grace of God

The on-going work of the grace of God in a believer’s life'…Wow, what a mouthful! It is nothing short of being glorious, the unfolding, revealing, glorifying work of the Holy Spirit, making known to believers who the Father is, and who they are in Him.

The above picture speaks to me on so many levels, but mostly in a facetious and humorous way. It is mind-numbing to consider that so many believers are in a fixed orbit of believing that when they were re-birthed, it was a total deal or nothing.We hate perceived contradictions, paradoxes or incongruent things we see not apparently meshing in the scriptures.
Rather than admit we might be the ones with the problems in our limited perceptions and bow to the Father, trusting him for the needed illumination, we defend to the death that which has only been seen thus far in part.There is much that is on my heart that I would like to think out loud about concerning the continuing work of grace (metamorphosis) in the believer’s soul, but I think I will stop here for now.
Hopefully the picture will stimulate some needful heart-to-heart fellowship with one another. I anticipate hearing from you.


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