Saturday, May 20, 2006

Warefare....but not as we've known it

An excellent article dealing with warfare by Lynette Woods....Warefare....but not as we've known it


"What is often referred to as "spiritual warfare" in this day and age usually amounts to nothing more than religious flesh; it loudly assails an enemy who is ALREADY defeated (but doesn't want us to know it) while ignoring the enemy within: us and our flesh - in particular, our religious flesh which delights in the illusion of having power and in doing things and being seen to be doing things. This so called "spiritual warfare" seems to be more motivated by preservation of self and fear of our enemy than by trust and faith in our Victory who is Christ! We have NOT been given a spirit of fear yet the way some people speak sounds as though they think satan is in control and not God and they are in fear of him; but God desires us to know HIM and to not be deceived by the many illusions that the deceiver uses to distract and intimidate us."

Also, some wonderful connecting over at the God Journey forum dealing with the same subject matter and much more!

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