Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't Fix What's Broken

The flesh at best has only insecurities, we will never improve upon its sickness.
Our insecurities are nothing but our flesh trying to live apart from the only source of Life, the Son.
How can we who were created to be dependent, ever live independently?

How can I be secure and insecure at the same time, well, it depends on how we see ourselves? If the Truth is being defined in the person of Christ and He is my only Life, maybe that will shed the true light on who He is and who I am in Him?
When I do not see Him as my only Life, my soul is going to be governed by someone-YOU HAVE TO SERVE SOMEBODY.

Our soul is much like the moon, it has no life-power of its own, our true self is being set free over and over (transformed) to do one thing, like the moon, reflect the Glory of the Greater One, the Son.
We were created to be someones slave, a slave of the the unrighteous one or the Righteous One.

Not for one second does Satan want any of us to Know the Truth, thats why he being the father of All religion, tries to keep the sons of light in darkness.

Perfect love is needed to drive the darkness out, it's not trying to be secure, but only in seeing Him!


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