Thursday, July 19, 2007

This Weekend

Well Wayne is here with his precious wife Sara, and we are so thrilled to finally meet them both.

We will be gathering together tomorrow evening, for a picnic, and then Wayne will be sharing some of his journey with us.

It wil be thrilling to see all who are coming, many of them we will be meeting for the first time...first times are so cool, and all that goes along with them.

Earlier this afternoon, I was chatting with a good friend Dave, (hi Dave) and I wanted to share a bit of our musings on the depths of Father's love for us.

And really there is only one way to really know Him and that is by experience. Not an experience we acquire by wit or might but by giving our very selves to the One who desires to fill us with Himself. Now that's an experience like no other.

Indeed it is Bro..I loved how Wayne put it, It wasn't an issue of demanding obedience in the Garden with Adam and Eve, but rather an incubating of their hearts, wanting to form within them a capacity to trust Him.

How deep does this rabbit hole really go? I want to go!

Not having just another experience..But experiencing Father Himself.

That's the cry of my heart for our gathering this weekend Bro, that there will be an outlet for those to share in how they are experiencing Him, the Father of their spirit.


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