Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dance To The Music

Thirty four years ago, suddenly the black and white world I was use to, abruptly became alive with colour. All because of meeting the girl that would (rock) turn my world upside down.
I found it so intoxicating as I was browsing through some of the pictures of my wife, when I came across the one I am using here, like a shot to the heart all I wanted to do was not just celebrate, but, Dance to the Music!

Happy Anniversary to the Treasure of my life, my wife Margi!


For those (Kent and Jon) who posted comments on this entry, sorry for them not being here now.
I was not satisfied with how the video was being presented, so I tinkered with it until it was better.
Thanks to both of you for your kind best wishes, they are much appreciated.

Dance to the Music, Charlie Brown

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