Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Askew Reality

Was it fruit from a dream tree that Adam and Eve imbibed from, only because of the promise of enlightenment, only to enter a world of virtual reality?

I enjoyed this quote from my friend Bill Landon in his book, ‘My Father and Your Father’ page 81.

‘Our life reality in this world is this: there is a part of us that will never submit to God. This is not an indictment of our weakness and failure. Rather, it is the legacy of the fall. (The residual-collateral effects of the fall). When we opted for knowledge of good and evil, we gave up a God-given knowledge of reality. We now must spend the rest of our lives learning from the Father how to be submitted to Him. Through this process of submitting we regain that God-knowledge we originally had. This comes back to us, in pieces, from the Father by revelation. As we progress through and submit to this teaching, we die to the influence of that independent-self.’

Is it because we have yet to recognize, have revelation with regards to the total depravity within our flesh that grace has and is most lop sided within Christianity? Meaning, one of the most persistent themes in our Lord’s teaching was his submission to his Father.

Like a water mark on paper, has the embedded mark of independent living stained even those of us who have been embraced by His grace? Didn’t Jesus address this mark/stain that had permeated all flesh, ‘people going where they choose, when they choose and do what they

This operation of submission within Jesus’ life was clearly made evident to his disciples as he said to them, they could go where the chose because they were the gods of their own lives. But the Lord could only do the things of the Father. The enlightenment that spread like a cancer and permeated all flesh prevented man from seeing or knowing anything related to submission to another, see here.

In the near future I want to share my thoughts on something I am putting together called, ‘The Vulgar Message of Grace’.
Stay tuned!



Dave A. said...

Thinking of what you shared from Bill I see the freedom in all this, Bro. Not a freedom to sin but a freedom in accepting the me as He has already accepted me... warts and all. It is religion that says, "Sure Jesus paid for your sins but now it's up to you to clean up yourself." Bull feces. It is a needful work to fight against such lies.


Rich said...

Dave-Brother of Love,

I am beginning to see-recognize that it is all inseperable in-of-by-through Love, Papa's unconditional love.

Meaning, within his love is life, grace and every other good and perfect thing we stand in need of.

I see more clearly than ever that it's His love that not only frees us, 'where the spirit is Lord, there is liberty-freedom', but also inseperable from that is His loving restraint. They flow as One :)

As I am learning of His heart along with you, I am being drawn toward Him when I fail-fall, it isn't our sin that is the problem imo it's the fear that we will be judged, rebuked or shunned.
Again as it plainly shows us that as long as we are fearful, we are not yet perfected in His love.

We are growing more and more experientially in the reality of not only being LOVED, but also learning to LIVE LOVED!

I love and appreciate you with all of my heart dear brother.