Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My buddy Mark is someone on the outside who can so easily be seen for who he isn’t, you know judging a book by its cover?
What Mark use to be and who he is now and is becoming, is a living oasis in a barren desert world, it is my deep delight in knowing him as my friend and brother in Christ!

Mark has two dogs, both obtained from the pound, the last one named Harley is a cross between a Newfoundland/Lab and Chow, and he now weighs about 140 pounds. If Harley bumps into you, it is you that moves not him. I remember Mark telling me about one of the times when Harley was much lighter, only 90 pounds that in his doggy brain seeing himself as being just a pup, decided to jump up onto Mark’s lap, well to say the least, it proved to be most interesting.
I’ve told Mark, Harley should be the poster dog for Pet Smart, meaning this dog has repeatedly proven that the guaranteed ‘indestructible’ label on various dog related products are meaningless to this canine masticating punisher.
Mark has gone back several times already to have Pet Smart come up good on replacing the previous product he purchased reading, “indestructible”!

This highlights to me something else that far surpasses the label of being indestructible, and that is the Life that is ready and available for whom so ever wills, to simply receive it.
It is that life I want to speak of here in some quotes from Austin Sparks.

“This divine life is incorruptible and therefore indestructible. It is deeper down than our consciousness, deeper than our souls, deeper than all our sensations. Yes, deeper than this human frame, deeper than this mental constitution, deeper than the whole organism of our physical and nervous life, so that we may even lose our reason and spend the end of our years in a lunatic asylum, and it makes no difference to the deepest reality. Very often in unconsciousness there is that that can be touched by prayer. There is a point of communication.
You may find some real child of God, in whom His life has not been paralysed, but who has been in communion with Him, and that one falls perhaps into a great sickness, and in sickness loses consciousness. There is no communication on the outside with anyone, no response to anything said; but kneel down beside that one and begin to pray in the Spirit, and you find a point of contact. There is response, quickening, peace comes in where there has been torment or delirium, perhaps life begins to flicker again. You have a point of contact. It is spirit to spirit. It is one life.

This life of God is a mighty thing within the renewed spirit of man. This is our point: that is the divine basis upon which His end concerning man is to be realised. The one thing that Satan is against is the getting of Christ inside. He will have any kind of substitute in Christianity and religion, just so long as you do not come too near on the question of regeneration or rebirth, which means the introduction of Christ into the innermost part. Anything but that. Any lie but that.”
That is what we meant when we said that God’s thought becomes much more positive by reason of the conditions obtaining through the fall: that is, there have to be these active, energetic factors now implanted in man. It all becomes a matter of conflict to get that.


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