Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stalking His Prey

There is something that is becoming wonderfully clear to me; it is that our Loving heavenly Father has been stalking each and every person on this planet.
Go with me if you will and soak in this visual illustration I want to share. The picture I have used here is that of a wolf, stalking his prey, every muscle is rippling with compressed strain and tension, just waiting for that exact second when he is catapulted like a bullet from a high powered rifle onto his un-expecting victim.
In the case of the wolf it is to kill and devour its prey, to snuff out its life, not befriend it.

What would our world look like if suddenly out of nowhere this stalking loving God and Father were to burst in upon your consciousness not to destroy us, but to destroy that which keeps us prisoners to fear and the lies we live with moment by moment, year after year completely clouding our hearts?

That is more and more the longing of my heart, to see, to be made so much more aware of the reality of every moment I take my next breath, He is there in it!
It is from this place of knowing whose I am that I trust Father to keep opening the eyes of my heart to increasingly bring before me what and for whom to pray, I at best see only the surface at any time, but he, the lover of our soul says, “Son, the secret things belong to me, and to those I choose to make them known.”

This morning was such a morning, bringing names and faces I know before our Father, but in the process I was abruptly stopped, Father, please show me more than just names and faces, show me your heart for these beloved of you. The more I presented so many before Him, my heart began to break from the weight of Glory I became aware of flowing into these precious and deeply loved ones!


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