Thursday, January 07, 2010

August Rush

"The music is all around US, all you have to do is listen."

I just got through watching for the second time the movie August Rush in as short a time as a week. I can't remember having being so profoundly touched by a movie in a very long time.

Those of you who know and are getting to know me, realize how much I love the medium of movies, how Father speaks to the deep places within me, those places that are much like a desert until His voice comes, then they blossom like an oasis.

I found myself unable to halt the tears in different places in watching the movie not once but twice, as David the King said, "at the noise-sound of your voice, deep calls unto the depths within me". Oh how I too resonate with His holy dissonance as He continues to play upon the strings of my heart. What wholly devastation He wreaks as he magically weaves into my life using both the intensity of sorrow and joy. The continued zeal of His love in not wanting me to rest, settle for that which is so good only to miss His very best.
Through whatever crushings are yet to introduce themselves to me, I know in a growing and learning way, to be fully identified with Him lies no short cuts, and for that my heart is enraptured.

I want to finish with a quote from Henri Nouwen…"Joy and sorrow are never separated. When our hearts rejoice at a spectacular view, we may miss our friends who cannot see it, and when we are overwhelmed with grief, we may discover what true friendship is all about. Joy is hidden in sorrow and sorrow in joy. If we try to avoid sorrow at all costs, we may never taste joy, and if we are suspicious of ecstasy, agony can never reach us either. Joy and sorrow are the parents of our spiritual growth."


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