Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rejecting the Free Gift of Grace

When we reject the free gift of grace we must then attempt to justify ourselves before the Father by our own works. One of the most common of these works is observing the law.

Unfortunately this is not the purpose that the Father has ordained for the law. The law was not given to condemn us. I do not feel that I can stress this too often. The world in general and much of Christianity in particular has no clear understanding of the proper use of the law of God. This is somewhat understandable because this proper usage is taught in very few places in the organizations of religion and nowhere in the world. However, we are without excuse in this matter, as this proper use of God’s law is made very clear in the bible. Further, this truth, as with all truth, is available to anyone who will seek the Father to be taught about it.

I find it more than puzzling when and how we base everything upon us “trying” to love the Lord, based upon the greatest commandment; when a lawyer came to Jesus and asked, what is the greatest of the commandments, to which Jesus replied, you shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind and strength.
The kicker is, that once again this is pointing out clearly to us, that we are not meant to be law practitioners. We love Him, (why) because, He first loved us!



Daveda said...

I am so blessed by the revelation of God's Grace. If we really stop to think about it, it's not even humanly possible to " be qualified" by our own good works. If it were we could take credit, and if thats how we qualify then our "bad" or "mistakes" would unqualify us...

Rich said...


Love, love, loved what you said, Yes!

From what I am learning in the process of unlearning, not knowing that God our Father is love, not catching this explosive ongoing, unfolding revelation, has resulted in so many accidents looking for a place to happen.

So much bogus and erroneous theology created to keep us dancing around this badly mistaken, misunderstood, loving, caring, Father.