Monday, March 21, 2005

The Making of a Son

It is God’s greatest desire that we should be both the children of His family and that we should grow in that estate to the full measure of Christ that we were created by the Father to attain. This is the ultimate expression of the family of God. But the greatness of the Father’s love for us constrains Him. We are not forced to grow (*) and we are not forced to seek. The great promise of the Father to us is that if we seek we will find. If we desire growth, then the Father will take us to the full measure of His desire for us.

* Many would persuade you to believe the Father crazy-glued the the switch to ON, or that we were put on auto-pilot when we were rebirthed.
The Father's house will not be filled because we had no choice in the matter. Missing hell and gaining heaven is cool, but what about the Now we are living in?


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