Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I’m Not Responsible

What Our Cheers Might Reveal


That may be why so many people who have seen through the bondages of religious systems have yet to find great freedom and life beyond it. It is easy to cheer for the destruction of things that have hurt us. I get emails like that all the time, cheering on things I’ve written about the ineffectiveness of religion. Some of those I know who call out the loudest for the destruction of organized religion as we know it are sometimes the least transformed personally to reflect the compassion and character of God to people around them—especially to those still captive in the system.

Interestingly, I do not get the same cheers back from people when I talk about letting God rework us from the inside and what needs to die in us if we’re going to experience the fullness of his life. If we could only see that our pride and independence are even more destructive, especially because they live with us every day. Real transformation doesn’t happen out there in structures and systems, but first in those who are willing to let him transform them at the most broken places of their lives.

And if you’re not ready for that, then you’re just really not sure yet how much this awesome God loves you. Keep exploring that until finally your joy at his dealing with your pride is greater than your hope at him blowing up religion. Then we’ll know we are well on the path to his life!


I loved this piece Wayne Jacobson posted on his blog, it reminds me of Pogo-“We have met the enemy…and he is us”.

Jesus, the same yesterday today and forever!The Lord seems to be persistently getting into our faces and asking His probing question, “Who do you say that I Am?”

What the Lord is doing in this hour we’re living in can not be confined by our trite limited band wagon tripe, we sport about with, the next move of God etc, what a crock of crap.In Him we Live, move and be!!!!

He is alive in us now, but without the one-on-one working of the Holy Spirit making known to us His life in us, and our very much obscure and secret identity, we will end up being much ado about nothing.

I have no idea how what I am sharing here ties in with what Wayne shared on his blog, and I’m not overly concerned about it, but I will try and continue to think out loud here.

Kings and Kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s just something about that name-JESUS!

It is most curious to see how many might be saying now that they’re out of the box-outside the camp-outside of the institutional church that they are experiencing great freedom. And yes there is freedom, but His name is Jesus, not something, but somebody.
I speak as one that is now living outside of the building-place-meeting mentality, but to say that all and any pride or arrogance that was displayed in my life was because of the institution or its leaders is crap.
The insidious nature of Satan working through any form of substitutes (anti-Christ) is that which causes us to see how clean we can appear on the outside, while missing out on the Life of his Son being formed within.

The longing within my heart is to co-operate with His grace, to continually be transformed for any and all to take notice of the living God my Father very much alive in Richard as Richard.


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