Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Embracing The Light

A quick thought here before I head out to work.

I am enjoying like a pig in mud my new note book.
I try as best I can to keep it tidy and neat inside and out. I usually use it (although it is hooked up to a wireless router) in our main PC room, in there at best I'm working with lamp lighting and some outside light coming in through the window.
I can look at my screen and say it looks very clean, but take it out on my dinning room table and let the Son shine touch the screen, and ouch, what filth, dust all over it..how the hail did that get thar??

All of this to say...The Father's heart alive in our King, Jesus, is going to address our thoughts regarding His kingdom, and they, our thoughts just might be in disarray.

When Jesus was about to confer upon his beloved friends a Kingdom, and walked it out in the upper room, when He striped himself down to a servant and proceeded to wash Peter's feet, there was a NO from Peter, No Lord you will not do this to me.
Jesus said, unless you allow me to do this you will have No part in Me.

He is that Light shinning ever so much more brightly into our hearts, and I welcome it.
There will be NO decreasing without seeing Him! None!

So much of what most of us believe is pre Job 42..you know, all that Job knew of God was founded in what others had said..after Job 42 we see it is in his seeing God for himself, that his life took a drastic turn.
It is in His light we will see.
Shine Jesus shine. Who do you say that I AM?


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