Monday, December 11, 2006

King Of King's And Lord Of Lord's

He was, and ever shall be, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords-Jesus Christ!

The Father's foolishness will always be so much more wiser than man's so called smarts.
In sending His son, how could this be construed as a threat? He didn't come leading a army of soldiers mighty in battle arrayed with all of the trappings of military might.
How could this unseen fetus growing in the womb of a young virgin maiden be a threat to the Prince of darkness and all of his hordes?
Why would Satan suddenly seem to come unglued in his attempts to set into motion such devastating destruction to stop this One?

Did this One come as an invader, ushering in an invasion? Or did he come to make known that which has been buried/hidden from all eyes..the revelation of His Father heart for man?
Without seeing His heart FOR us, all of the kingdom speak will be just that, more religious verbiage.
In this unknown child, Jesus, was hidden to the world, the unspeakable gift..the Father's heart!
This was not an invasion of military pomp, might and majesty, it was a royal invitation to receive His gift to us.

More to follow... Part 2..Satan Stole, Jesus Invited.


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