Thursday, February 22, 2007

Darkness, Trying To Be Light

In my opinion, what was offered in the garden of Eden, was a heart relationship with God the Father. That was not fully realized in that they (man) choose to accept the lies of another father, the 'father of lies' as Jesus referred to him.

There is no sense in trying to copy something that has no intrinsic value, you won't see any bogus brown paper lunch bags being made, why, they are of little worth.

What was being offered on the baited hook of the serpents offer to Adam and Eve was in its purest form, nothing but religion, in fact I see Satan disguised as the serpent being the father of all religion. Could the heart beat of religion be, that Satan wanted to be worshiped as god?

In giving man the freedom to choose, i.e. the two trees in the garden,God was setting man up so that he could serve somebody....Bob Dylan sang a song about that I think?
Man was created to be dependent upon another for the impetus to be propelled forward in his living, the lie or at least part of it was that he, in listening to the serpent, thought he could be self-propelled. (self-governed)

Question, how can that which was created to be dependent upon another ever become independent? Man choosing to imbibe in the lie, saw himself becoming what appeared to be, independent.

Is it a religious contract the Father offers to us today, our is it to know Him? I am come that you might have Life!!


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