Saturday, February 17, 2007

His Life, The True Matrix

After reading something from another blog, I would like to share my thoughts here.

Once you’ve stepped out of the bonds of organized religion and come face to face with the fresh reality of your relationship with your Father, something slowly begins to happen.’

I’m wondering about your thought here? Is/was ‘organized religion’ restricted/confined within a set place/building/program etc?
Where it talks about not letting the world squeeze us into its mold, (but be transformed by the living breathing Matrix of Christ in you) maybe speaks of the fact that all/the whole world outside of knowing Christ as our only Life is religion in one form, flavor or color?

I often see this kind of thinking, that it all ends by stepping away from the building/temple worship and all that clings to that one expression of religion, but in fact the father of religion is resident within all flesh, relentlessly appealing to our yet imperfect soul to imbibe in something not necessarily bad/evil, but in fact a mere substitute for Him as our All.


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