Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Consuming Fire

What is about to be unleashed upon the earth is a storm unparalleled, this will eclipse all other storms, and yet He speaks to me, 'Let not your heart be troubled (unbelieving) be of good cheer, for I have over come the world.'

I am beginning to recognize that the physical storms are nothing in and of them selves, but they must come to bring to the surface the truth of what/Who is real in me.Jesus spoke long ago to His disciples, follow me, it has not changed, He speaks to me/us today, Follow Me.
I will never face, or overcome the storms of life while pretending there are no storms hidden within my soul.

You have breathed your Life/breath into me, the wind of your Spirit is wreaking havoc from deep within, oh how I welcome this Holy terror, this impenetrable darkness gnaws at my bones, come devour me.


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