Thursday, January 04, 2007


In sharing with my brother Dave today, we put out many different thoughts out to dry like laundry blowing in the wind.
No iron clad definite conclusions, but for certain, a continuing gnawing upon our souls.

Before I share some of my thoughts I sent to my brother after our time of thinking out loud earlier today, I want to scratch and sniff this new fragrance.
It's called Canned Son Shine, that original fragrance from the mountain top experience.

Can you use your imagination for a moment we me, let's pretend shall we.
If you are familiar with the story where Jesus takes Peter, James and John with him up to the mountain top, and suddenly it says, Jesus was transfigured before their very eyes, He became brighter than the noon day sun.
Many things happened there, but this one I am speaking of sticks in my memory like an egg to a frying pan with all of the Teflon gone.

Peter immediately thinks this unearthly moment should be captured for posterity sake.
He bursts out, 'Lord it is good we are with you, seeing all of this splendor. lets build three booths, one for Elijah, another for Moses and of course, one for you.
Canned Son Shine! You know so when things get dull, lonely, boring or whatever, we along with Peter can open our Canned Son Shine and savor that moment of splendor from long ago.
Are we, am I called to live on how others have seen Him, or are seeing Him today?
When the crunch comes which could be just about any day, am I going to quickly listen to the latest Christan pod cast, or look for someones keen insight being quoted from some brilliant somebody within Christendom?

Maybe this whole unrelenting issue of loneliness is not ever going to go away, except for when I choose to camp at the feet of some cheap substitute, and even then, it simply is used to put me to sleep, and all the time I join in on the song being sung, 'This is like heaven to me'.

Here are those thoughts I shared with my friend Dave.

Bro, I loved our sharings today! I copied and pasted all of it onto a word pad screen for Margi to read. I wanted her thoughts on it all. She loved it as well.
As she saw what we were trying to get in touch with, it is so easy to simply pitch our tents and camp or become a camp of fellowshipping saints out side of the religious box, only to use this strong desire to connect, to maybe drown out the loneliness we all are experiencing to one degree or another. Especially for those of us who were visible and vocal within the ic, so much of being so active with 'meetings' was like a narcotic to drown out the deep loneliness at least for me that never seemed to go away except for the next fix-meeting. But maybe that loneliness was meant to drive us toward Him?


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