Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miserably Set Free

Anything dealing with this life and love of God in Christ stems from His initiative, “We love him because he first loved us.”
Jesus spells this out so very clearly and yet for most of us simply going by the letter without the breath of His spirit that always accompanies the letter, we will be set up for an alarming upheaval in our journey.

Listen to what He says here;
“If you continue to abide within this relationship I have called you into, you will know the truth and the truth will make, set you free.” As well as, “Whom the Son makes free, is free indeed.”

Many who have been and continue to follow Christ have run into unimaginable nightmares and this is happening while they are wide awake.
What none of us ever thought would erupt within us walking, abiding in this relationship He called us to, was that the Truth was going to establish itself in our innermost being and in doing so, that which we have blindly mistaken as the real us is being radically altered!

We have all been born in sin and shaped in iniquity, that was our introduction coming into the world, but it didn’t stop there. Yes when we were received of the Father we became a whole new creation, but, for most, they were led not by the spirit of the Father but by their natural inclination. Rather than allowing the Father of their spirit to further enlightened as to what happened in being apprehended of God, they became religious without really knowing its corrupting death influence happening.

For many throughout the earth there is an inner revelation of the Father's deep love gripping the hearts of those who want to respond to the Father of their spirit, an awakening of unparalleled proportion. Much like the Prince in the movie Sleeping Beauty, he fights to save this one he cherishes and loves by kissing her and waking her from her death sleep.
Unbeknown to us is that we have had established within us an erroneous identity fashioned, formed by the spirit of this age, the Matrix of religion, the impetus being the father of lies and all religion, Satan.

Before experiencing and enjoying our freedom promised by the Father, the truth is going to make you miserable!
This inner work of demolition, tearing down, plucking up, uprooting that which is contrary to who’s we are and who we are is being displaced. In that unfolding process, you will be convinced at times you are loosing your mind, even to the extent thinking it is the devil himself have free course with you.

The saving of our soul is nothing to take lightly and for most of us the words spoken by our precious brother Paul who knew suffering and persecution more than most offered these words of living encouragement, “All who will live Godly lives in Christ Jesus will go through much tribulation!”
A man’s life does NOT consist in what he has or what he hopes to have. In coming to know Him as our only Life, we will suffer the loss of all things, but on the flip side gain more in our poverty than ever dreamed.

That I might know Him!


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