Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Father continues to totally amaze me as he in his wisdom keeps walking me through His maze of grace.
I honestly feel like a little kid that you just know by reading his body language that he had to pee some time ago but because of being SO excited having so much fun, well, having to pee just has to wait.
That kid is me for sure today, but it didn’t start out that way, no sir-e-bob. I went to bed early last night being so dog tired, but sometime during the night had a horrible nightmare, which lingered throughout most of the day, but into this crap He dropped a bomb, yup the kind that makes you wanna forget anything else but Him!

It truly floods my soul in how His foolishness is so much better than all of my wisdom, He led me to a site that He used to confirm so much He has been getting me prepared to see in His light and His timing, my soul does magnify His name!

Those who do not know any of my story, suffice it to say that religion, being a “Christian” has cost me more than I can try and put into words. So the very hint of the subverting odor of (leaven) religion, makes me wanna puke!!!
It was hard reading, wadding through this site, http://robrufus.blogspot.com/2009/02/son-ship-vs-christianity.html because of all the religious bull shit, but the wonder of Him drawing me there and keeping me from its entanglements is nothing short of a miracle.
I am resonating in this fresh unfolding of being wonder struck by His great love for me all over again, and knowing this love IS for all of my siblings as well.

There is so much He has poured into my being today even after being slimed last night with the sickening nightmare, I can not get away from His brilliance in connecting so many dots that have been at best abstract and obtuse to me.
I am looking so forward to being able to share some of what He continues to make even clearer to me in the near future.



Tracy Simmons said...

Rich, isn't it great when we can weed out the BS and take just the truth from what we read? I love that level of freedom!

Rich said...


It sure is!

I am still revelling over the fact that although there was so much religious death all around what I was reading, there He was freeing me to see even more clearly, Who's I am.