Sunday, May 31, 2009

Truth Serum

In some dialogue with a good friend today, Dave said, “That most don’t give one another the freedom to be imperfect, rather we want someone with the answers for all our woes, so you better be that perfect person and not screw up.”

It’s totally liberating to know the power and growing scurrility of Father absolute unconditional love for us, it frees us to perfectly speak of that perfection within all that is so imperfect in us!

None of us being born into a fallen sinful race, shaped in iniquity have escaped the inner desolation, devastation or utter bankruptcy, none! The scriptures paint a clear picture for us all being cut off, alienated from the very life of God, but God who is rich in mercy and kindness loved us and died for us while we were yet His enemies-wow.
The work of sin entering into the whole race by the first Adam was such a perfect work of an inner corruption and releasing within us total depravity, or did God get it wrong when He said, “All have sinned and fallen short of His glory?”

Our desperate need is to know of His unspeakable unconditional love He has for each of us, it is a perfect love that wants much more than to simply save and unite us within our spirit, but also to redeem, transform us within our poverty stricken soul.
Here in lies the good news, it has nothing to do with us doing things perfectly as much as it is in a moment by moment encounter with His perfect love displacing the residual affects of the hellish tormenting fearful grip of that which tries to cling to us like a blood sucking lamprey robbing us of our very birth-right.

The scathing inner desolation that being born in fear has accomplished in us all is powerless to stop or impede a like wise God breathed inner revelation of His kindness and goodness to us, where sin once abounded, grace (love) will super abound.
In some lives the outer evidence of the inner torment of fear is most obvious, but know this, there is no one apart from knowing, experiencing the power of His tender compassionate love who will ever walk free from this under tow.

There is NO need to be ashamed by discovering my/our need to be yet further and more deeply perfected in the true knowledge of Father’s perfect love, it is the perfect Christ in us encouraging us all to share, speak of that which has become so real to us coming out from under the yoke of fear and its tormenting oppression.


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