Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Purpose Driven God

Does it all come down to God being driven to accomplish, squeeze out of us, the biggest bang for his buck?
Here’s a wild thought, perhaps there is a much higher priority within His heart (other than what he can accomplish through us), maybe it’s as simple as him wanting us to be with him and him with us! Egad, not that simple is it?



Daveda said...

LOL, Does this fall into the same category as maybe our "calling" is to be lavished in the Fathers favor and love...period?

I do think, it is that simple :)

Rich said...


It is indeed so simple, as a matter of fact Jesus went and got happy knowing how this profound truth became the property of babes...thank you Father that you have hidden this from the wise guys and made it known to the babes~ha!

Maybe this takes on a whole new connotation, Wow, what a babe?!