Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fight The Good Fight

I said to a friend recently, "we're not trying to get a hold of the Truth, the Truth has got a hold of us."
The truth more often than not is seen as something separate from Him, the Truth, Life and Way.
I like where it talks about the flesh waring after the spirit and the spirit waring after the flesh. Without knowing Him as our Rest, we resort to carnal tactics.
The Truth is always wanting to make himself known to us in our daily living, as I like to say, in the nasty-now-in-now.
I'm so grateful for the ongoing and much needed illumination the spirit of God brings to me so that I can face life's challenges rather than trying to escape. Learning to live out of my spirit rather than out of my soul.
I wonder if in fact that was one of the issues Paul addressed at one point when he said, "You are living as mere natural men." Natural in the sense even though rebirthed, they were living as if the spirit of the Lord was not in them.
Nothing is as it appears to be. The natural man is fading away daily, but the inward man is being renewed daily.
His grace is the ability to fight this "good fight" of trusting in His faithfulness.


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