Monday, January 14, 2008

I Don't Know What To Think

I am somewhat reticent to even talk about this but, at the present time I have no other conclusion than, God did it.
A few friends know about the ongoing chronic pain I have been experiencing in my knees, not a good thing for a guy who walks twelve to thirteen miles a day delivering the mail.
I have been going on a regular basis to my physio-therapist as well as obtaining custom designed orthotics (this week) as well as having had x-rays taken of my knees only to find out it is an arthritic build up in my knees because of the compounded ponding they have encountered with the many many miles and weight I've had to carry.

Here's the deal, I woke up Thursday morning and slowly it dawned on me that my knees were not hurting me as they normally do, I shrugged it off and proceeded to attend to my early morning necessities before leaving for work.
At work I continued to experience a very pain freeness. I am a relief letter carrier so it encompasses many different duties, and this past week and the upcoming week is no exception. I process the incoming mail at 5:00 am and distribute it to my fellow colleagues as they further segregate it to the specific carriers etc.
I knew when I had completed this job I would then be going out to deliver on a route, this is never something I eagerly look forward to anymore because of the advancing chronic pain in my knees. Again, here I am delivering the mail and I am noticing there is something wrong, no pain.
Friday I wake up, the same thing, went through a duplicate day of Thursday, no pain. When I get home other than a few chores, I usually get involved on the computer and having set there for an extended period of time, when I get up I usually do so hobbling. To my surprise I was stiff, but no pain.
This has continued as well into all day Saturday, Sunday and today, what gives?

I have prayed for myself, as well as a couple of friends who like wise have prayed for me, but when I picked my wife up from work Thursday afternoon I told her about this bazaar experience of having NO pain in my knees.
She informed me that she had felt directed toward praying most specifically that morning for me, for my knees that Father would indeed heal, I said, is this in fact what has happened?I feel somewhat restrained emotionally to break out the balloons and party hats, and I almost want to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming, but these knees for that past four days have not felt so good.

Thank you Jesus!!


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