Saturday, March 14, 2009


According to Paul formerly known as Saul of Tarsus, “he saw his life being consistent with the Law and found blameless,” until his life was derailed in a head on collision with the resurrected and glorified Christ, the embodiment and fulfillment of the LAW!

If it took this head on collision to bring Saul/Paul to a beginning place of humbly acknowledging his total ignorance of this one who was addressing, confronting him, how is it that we apart from some kind of real catharsis, crisis, and possibly many more crises, is it possible for any of us to experience the living reality of Christ in us as us?

It so often appears to me that for many, it’s simply a choosing, a decision they make to leave the “church” life they have been a part of for however long, a lot like a New Year’s resolution or something. As if its simply turning over a new leaf in coming into a proper alignment to God our Father without having to experience the explosive reality of Him in us as us, colliding with all of the religious shit that has defined us apart from Himself. As if this new phase is nothing more than simply adding grace (as an add-on) to our new walk with the Father.

I am seeing and have been seeing for some time now with the reality of Him making Himself known to his sons that there is a major cataclysm set into motion as a result of this encounter of the most holy kind, turning our religious and orderly world amuck.
Without the God and Father of all grace making Himself known to us in this agonizing time of upheaval, we are ripe for that which appears to be disguised as ‘grace’ nothing more than tips and techniques.

I like what Steve McVey said when questioned about his dramatic and unsettling encounter with the Lord as to whether this was a “second’ work of grace in his life. He replied, I have no idea about that, but it seems it has much more to do with the initial work of grace that apprehended me that I knew nothing of in its fullness.


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