Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Untold Wonder

Imagine with me if you will, you have been somehow magically transported to the very top of a mountain you didn’t even know it existed until this very moment, and you’re standing where no human has yet to stand, if ever set foot on before now.
Your guide is somewhat of a mystery in that you can’t with your senses seem to detect their actual presence, and yet that somehow seems totally irrelevant to this dizzying and intoxicating panoramic breathtaking view.

Your movement seems to be more of a floating than the movement of appendages, you are being brought ever so slowly through what appears to be a thick misty like curtain that is drawing back as in welcoming your very presence, as if this had all been planed just for you. Suddenly before your very eyes a sight so amazing, you’re enveloped within the dancing colours that resemble an aurora borealis; you dare not breathe, lest you cause this moment to dissipate into thin air.
What is this, you say to your self, only to distinctly hear from your rather translucent guide, this is bit one of so many untold wonders I see, and yet until this moment apart from you, no person even knows of its existence.

Maybe it was the extremely thin air at this elevation that seemed to make this group of flowers I was beholding appear to be more than just flowers, and somehow quicker than that thought came, it shot away from my mind like an Olympian thrown javelin.
Once again I heard the voice of my guide, what you are privy to is but one example of that which I and I alone know of, the untold beauty such as this, and yet this pales in comparison to an inner glory, wonder and rapturous splendor in some of the ones I am so fond of scattered through the hellish sink holes of this world you live in.
Apart from their captors, I alone see, drink in the awe of their delight in me as they slowly waste away with inhuman cruelty being their daily portioned ration of contempt.
There is no way the world will ever see this on the news, it will not be on Face Book, or My Space, or Twitted about on cell phones, and yet I tell you they are clothed in an inner finery that Solomon could only dream of.
As you go back and awake in the morning remember and believe what you have observed, encourage those you are yet manacled to lies they were born with, that I see them and I long to open their eyes to see the unspeakable pleasure I have IN them!

Could this have simply been nothing more than a wild and fanciful dream I mutter to myself as I yawn and stretch waking slowly to the early morning rays of the sun dancing on my bed? As I step down onto the floor heading toward the bathroom, somewhere from deep within, I sense an overflowing pleasure that seems to be directed toward me that I have never known, and mysterious as it all seems, I know this is but the first steps of freely giving it away to names and faces of people that seem to be flooding my mind. As I look longingly into my mirror, I see what I have been given is so far beyond having the golden touch; I have been given the very words of life!


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