Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trashing The Trash, Not People

It is of my understanding from the scriptures, we are to speak the truth in love, the out come being a steady and continued maturation, or being perfected in the spirit of love contained within the truth.
As long as we are in a cemented static fixed heart condition of looking at things, especially what the truth is within the scriptures, we might have gleaned something that we see as being ‘good’ but it will prevent us from seeing the much more readily available, to those wanting to stay fluid in heart and mind.

Fear and intimidation are the common weapons of choice used, hurled, at anyone who opposes the established collective body of knowledge that has become the prescribed template with NO exceptions.
Into this caustic arena Life will always fine a way of trying to woo hearts from having become fossilized and once again embedded in stone, into a living vibrant knowing the truth from the bewitching lies that have ensnared them.

The charges often brought against brothers and sisters who long for a deeper relationship with the Father are not new.
Similar charges of the same sort were spoken of in the account of the stoning of Stephen. “They produced false witnesses, who testified, “This fellow never stops speaking against this holy place.” (Acts 6:13).
Let’s give our heads a shake, what crimes are these people charging to Stephen? They are upset what they perceive as testimony against a physical place and against the law. You may see right away that these people are wrong to attack Stephen for speaking against a place. You may, however, say it is wrong to oppose the law because it is God’s law. But do we really teach against the law, or do we teach that the law is NOW fulfilled in Christ? This is why these were false witnesses. We do not speak against the law, but against the failure to recognize the new thing that God has done.

What has been is now happening all over again, as people are being driven out of religious (organized churches) institutions because they simply want to go the distance in further discovering further depths and heights of the vastness of His love.
In the rigid mind sets of the adherents of the religious communities, when we speak against the organization of religion, we speak “against this holy place.” When we assert the freedom in Christ, we are accused of speaking against the law.”

What glorious days we the church, His body find ourselves in, being swept into the under-current-tow of a boundless, unmeasured love branding us with the marks of our master.

Some of the thoughts here, I gleaned from my friends book, "Life in the Leper Colony, by Bill Landon."



Ruth said...

Hi Rich,
I love what you said.

"We do not speak against the law, but against the failure to recognize the new thing that God has done."

The biggest failure of all time, that has spanned throughout the ages is, as a friend used to say, a love failure. Failing to grasp the reality of Christ's True and Full expression of love to mankind. (how deep and how wide is it, we will never fully know)

However, come Holy Spirit, carry us onward .. as you say,... "to go the distance, in further discovering the depths & heights of His love"

yes what glorious days swept under tow, i love it, we are being carried and swept away in the vastness that has opened up to us,
... wowwwww

time to dance :))

Rich said...


When external measuring devices are used to define us, rule keeping, and performance based living, it’s easy to see those who cut the grade and those who do not.
But what if the standard has always been an inner application, simply responding from the heart to His perfect love for us and in the process realizing His commitment is to me/us, not to our behaviour.

Indeed it is a song of love we’re hearing so much more clearly that sets our feet to dancing!