Thursday, September 16, 2010

Be Like This

This afternoon while waiting to finish up my shift I was sitting outside on the dock reading, thinking, and praying, in the midst of so many things swirling around in my heart, I happened to look into the back of my truck which was but inches away, when I heard my caring and loving Father speak to my heart.

“Son, be like this.” Immediately my mind kicked into gear thinking, what do you mean? I then sensed he was making a point to me right where I was, in my daily routine, “I want you to be like what you’re seeing here, “be empty” so that I might fill you afresh to over flowing with a greater understanding of my love.”

Somehow I knew intuitively that the different ones that were so set upon my heart with the intensity of their struggles, that their needs like my own could only be realized and met in a similar manner, a fresh knowing that in their emptiness, He would be their fullness!


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