Thursday, September 09, 2010

Good News

The Gospel is not the news that you can be involved with Jesus, if only you get your religion right. The gospel is not news of what can be at all. It is the news of what is. It is the news that you are involved. It is not a dream.

Through bearing our rejection, Jesus has access to us in our darkness. Indeed, he used our rejection to establish a relationship with us at our very worst

The stunning truth is that Jesus exists in union with his Father and the Spirit, and with us in our darkness. He has included us in his world, in his life and communion with his Father, in his anointing with the Spirit. He is sharing his own heart, his own knowledge of the Father, his own assurance and hope and joy with us all. He is putting his communion with His Father inside our endarkened souls.

Quoted from Baxter Kruger-Across All Worlds.


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