Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dressed To Kill

In a conversation with a friend, we were discussing a particular distressing and frustrating experience that he seemingly never saw himself getting free of.
I mentioned that as we are learning to turn to Him the one who is our only Life, he will address those thoughts that seem to plague us, and then it came out of my mouth, maybe better yet, the Lord will undress the lies clothed in seemingly such fine attire.

Christians who are living defeated lives are really not defeated, they have been beguiled into believing an illusion.
The Christian life is inseparable from Christ living in you as you. It is this reality that is endeavoring to transform our thinking.
Apart from seeing and knowing, growing in the truth/reality of Christ as our all, we will strive to gain something, be it victory or whatever, which is nothing more than a proverbial pursuit into madness.

Jesus said that in and of himself (the son of man) he could do nothing, he had to learn as a man that in looking to his self-soul, he would fine no power or strength to that which purposed to destroy him. It was only in a ever growing knowledge of the Father that he was joined to, that he was able to over come.

We have all been trained/conditioned/groomed by our enemy, we have learned repeated behavior responses/reactions..the truth is, although saved in our spirit, we have at our disposal the Father's life, but will we trust Him, not just for saving us from hell, but for our daily living??

We have been feed so many lies, and they only continue after being is a knee jerk reaction in most of (if not all) our lives, we come under assault in our minds..what do we do? Most often we instinctively turn to our soul-self, and draw from an empty well, and we wonder why we have wandered in the wilderness of our soul for such a very long time?

It is only in the Light of Him that these finely attired lies are disrobed/ a matter of fact in the book of Revelation there is a point in time where Satan is escorted to his demise, and it says something to this effect...Is this the one that troubled the nations? It was a major revelation to actually see him for who he was.

It is in the present moment of living that we look to Him alone, and as the Light shines into the depths of our soul, the lies loose their hold, and afresh we discover the Victorious One we are joined to.

All of creation stands on tip-toe with baited breath, with longing expectation of being released form its captivity... Lord bring forth your manifest sons of God!!


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