Saturday, April 28, 2007

Searching For Significance

Maybe significance is defined in coming to know the significant One, Jesus Christ.
The quest in our trying to establish an identity, a sense of significance is foundationally rooted in being born and raised in a world that only knows conditional love.

In coming to know Him and His unconditional love, He meets the need I was born with and couldn't ever seem to fill, no matter how much I achieved or gained.
The growing knowledge of His love frees the grasping one from within and replaces it with a longing to freely receive.

Never have any continued in His initial loving embrace, I dare say all Christan's have grown within various amounts and degrees of knowledge, but not in, (as Peter puts it), 'continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
There are many who are rich in having experiences and in knowledge, but poor, desperately poor in being intimately acquainted with Him.

It was and always will be the worthy One loving the unworthy. The treasured One coming to live in jars of clay. A value and significance made ours in being joined to Him.

Daily growing in the experiential knowledge of this Father's love will not only save us, but free us to BE the nameless faceless people whose soul purpose is to love the Lover of our soul.

The reason religion in any fashion or form is so palatable is that it temporarily covers the shame we all feel, and allows us to play act much like little children dressing up in adult clothing, pretending to be someone they are not.

Not knowing in an ever increasing way, this Lovers love for us, poisons us into believing this God is one that has to be appeased, and without ardent, diligent effort, will fall dismally short.
In the same manner as you have received the Lord Jesus Christ, continue to walk in does this line up with all of the pretense and performance seen within churchianity?


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