Sunday, April 08, 2007

This Isn't My Mail

Say you and I are neighbours, we both shop at a certain store and we both receive in the mail our monthly statement, thing is, this time the mailman (that's what I do for a living~deliver the mail-ha) puts your statement in my box and mine in yours.
Without even looking at who it was addressed to I open it up and discover a huge amount charged to me and in a flash I phone the store and immediately ensure them there has been some kind of mistake...I did not make the said purchase on my bill.
They ask for my account #, I rattle it off to them, only to discover with great chagrin, it is not my account, not my bill..not my mail.

I see what has been happening for a very long time within churchianity, I believe as it clearly says that ALL scripture has been written for us, but not everything is TO us!
Reading someone else's mail is what most of us do, very much like my illustration of mistakenly getting someone else's mail in my mail box.

No wonder there is such consternation within our lives, trying desperately to make it (the scriptures) all line up, heck, some have even used their trusty jig-saws and saying, see how it all fits so nicely together.

Just a thought here, as Moses was the mouth piece of God to the Jews, maybe Paul our brother is the Moses to us in Christ, and maybe in hearing what the Father has said TO us, as Paul has said in his letters, we will be established in all that the Father has purposed for us.

On a side note here and yet I see it fitting in very rightly, plus no use of a jig-saw whatsoever~ha!

As I am seeing more clearly in what is to me in the scriptures vs what is for me, I see such an emphasis upon a 'kingdom' mindset that permeates so many believers today, especially amongest those outside of the institutional churches.
As I was reading today in the letters of Paul, the overwhelming weight seemed to rest upon the choice of wording in the following, 'the body, which is the church.' Nowhere is there a mentioning of any kingdom thinking, I wonder why that is?
As a good friend once said to me, Rich, who or what is closer to you, your wife or your body? I think it is my body.
Is He the Head of the one body He calls the church, or is it about reading someone else's mail, maybe that written to the Jews and thinking, hey, we want to be part of the kingdom club as well?


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