Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Fellowship Of The Mystery

The necessity of having revelation, and continued revelation of all and anything God the Father wants us to know, i.e. true knowledge.
Because there are NO vacuum's, the other alternative, is so aptly put, 'ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the Truth.'

What greater truth is there to experience apart from His unspeakable gift, His Son Christ Jesus!


Our Union with Christ - The Head of the Body
Is “The Fellowship of the Mystery”

By Arthur J Licursi
Part 4 of 4

We are not God or the Head, but we are in union with the One who is God and Head of the body. This is indeed a marvelous thought - the union of the creature and The Creator, possessing the very same life, being one. God indwells the container called “man”. The focus is upon the content, not the container, just as the focus is upon the coffee in the cup. We do not say – “Pass the coffee with the cup”. We say “Pass the coffee”; since the coffee and cup are one, yet we know that are two. The cup never becomes the coffee, but it contains the coffee.

The key point here is our primary, inseparable, oneness with God. This union we have with God is as true as that of our individual physical body parts that are in union with, and dependent upon our physical head. Just as Jesus was and is dependent upon the Father (John 5:19), so also are we dependent upon the Godhead for our life, maturity, direction and well-being. The Godhead is found in Christ who indwells us as our life sufficiency ( Col 2:9-10) and our Head. He then completes our creation as it was meant to be.

Note this paper’s title includes the words “Christ - The Head”; it is not “ Christ AS The Head”. That is because “Christ-The Literal Head” is the indispensable member of His literal Body. His headship is with all the believing body members. By our union with Him, His life surges through each body member’s spirit every moment of the day. His life is our full sufficiency in every situation of life – the good the bad and the ugly. We need to come to “see” this truth of our union with spiritual eyes. That “seeing” is called revelation and it is then life-changing; only then will we trust what we have then seen with our spirit eyes.

Having such sight, living the Christian life then becomes an adventure in learning of our union and His sufficiency by our daily experiences of living; we learn more and more to trust in Him who is our overcoming life within, in a normal spontaneous way – “not I, but Christ”. With this revelation of our union, we can see the worth of being on earth for the time that He has ordained. This time on earth now affords us opportunity to learn what we could not otherwise learn. If we never suffered problems; we couldn’t come to know that we could trust Him in us to handle them.

Consider that patience is a factor in learning to trust Him? We learn to endure patiently as we learn to trust Him. We may need to wait in patience for His Spirit to reveal the truth of our union with Him. We know that we can trust that He is at work in our life, positioning us, our hearts and minds, to receive direction and light from Him, who is the Head.

Philip. 2:13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

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