Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seeing God

Matthew 5:8 "You're blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.

This verse of scripture from the Message Bible speaks to me deeply regarding the thoughts I've been pondering today.If my point of reference is not a growing and expanding experiential knowledge of the unconditional love of the Father, then because of the knowledge of good and evil resident within me (as well as in all flesh) my perception of reality (that which is determined to be the truth) will be horribly distorted, no matter how much I say I know about God!

I am being brought back as it were to square one, a deep awareness of although I say I know so much about God, I am truly wondering how much of that knowledge is mixed, contaminated, corrupted with seeing Him through the reality that has been generated simply through the knowledge of good and evil.
Based upon our perceived soulish knowledge it seems one can determine the difference between that which is good vs evil. Maybe it was never the Father's intention for me to evaluate this.As Matthew 5:8 implies, maybe its the unconditional love of God (the Father) that is able to transform my inner world within my soul, (mind-will, and emotions) 'get my inside world-mind and heart-put/set right', and out of that true reality, I am able to see Him in my outside world.

Is it possible there has been generated a world of theology that has attempted to clearly define the difference between that which is of God and that which isn't, that which is good vs that which is evil?Maybe it has nothing to do with having the 'right theology' per se, meaning, it can be perfect theology, but in not knowing, experiencing the Father's unconditional love we have simply attempted to establish something that spells security for us.But maybe any substitute, theology or whatever, will never be able to produce the security we crave and grasp for, and grasp I/we, will do!

I am beginning to wonder that at the core of our unrenewed being, because of not knowing and growing in the (unconditional) love of the Father, that there is today such a bastardized rendition of that which we call, 'Christianity?'
Meaning, if our perceived reality that is simply coming out of our innate ability to reason out of the knowledge of good and evil, won't this try and dictate and over rule what in fact is all being used of the Father in our further needed training, and discipline. The proof of His love for us is His loving correction, and how that is administered to our individual lives can be thwarted in the name of, we think we know best.

These thoughts as I said in the beginning, are being fleshed out, they are far from being clear, no matter how I've tried to make them clear. I continue to look to Father in a fresh knowing, that I know too much based upon that which is generated through a unrenewed soul, aka, the knowledge of good and evil. I hope to pursue additional thoughts in light of His pure love shaping and bringing into greater clarity, that which is truly Real.


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