Monday, October 01, 2007

the rising of the Morning Star in your hearts

It is only as you grow in coming to know HIM and His love, and the facts of your unshakable relationship with Him, that you will be freed – to stand on solid rock.
John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Prior to being saved or apprehended by the Father, and even for quite some time after wards, all we have known in terms of our personal identity was solely connected to the outer man, our gender, our ethnicity, our financial standing, our intelligence, our health etc, etc..., and we weighed things by what we saw or experienced.

All of this had/has nothing to do with who we in fact instantly became in being rebirthed by the sperma-word of the Father – Christ.

To live in accord with the new truth, of love, life and liberty there must be a transition – and that transition comes about by God’s work, through the situations and circumstances of life that He orders for our eternal good.
Philip. 2:13
For it is God which works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.
Philip. 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

All of what or how we would have defined who we were, was in fact tied inseparably to what we erroneously call “human nature;” but actually, there is no such thing as human nature – it is only the fallen, lien, “sin nature” we gained by Adam, and by which we lived before coming to receive the Lord.

The truth is spoken from the Father by his Spirit through our brother Paul, “If any man be IN Christ, they are a new creation!” I see this being the living picture/reality of who we in fact now ARE; aka, our identity, rooted and found solely in Him.

So much fear is still lodged within the believer’s soul as the Father starts to work. I believe that work starts from the moment we were apprehended of the Father. That glorious work began its loving, but violent assault upon the father of lies in our flesh. The works of the evil one still try to keep his grip/hold on the believer’s life through fear. At that very moment of being apprehended of the Father, I believe the walls of what and how we previously defined who we were, started coming down.

Our freedom from fear is ours as we start to learn the truth, the truth that
we can let go and be safe in the Lord.
I love this story about “letting go.”

It’s about the capturing of monkeys. It goes something like this, the ones sent to capture the monkeys use a hollowed out casing and through a hole in the top of it, small enough for the monkey to place his hand through, they insert a special treat that monkeys love. Here's the kicker, the monkey inserts his hand trying to retrieve his luscious treat, the thing is, with the treat in his closed hand, it is now to big to withdraw from the hole in the casing. Just let go of the tasty treat, and your hand is not only freed, but you are free to go and live another day. The monkey is tenaciously stubborn, not willing to let go of his treat, is now easily captured by the hunters.

I liken this story to the reality of learning and becoming intimately acquainted with the unconditional love of the Father, as a matter of fact and truth. As this Love (God) does its procreative and liberating work from deep within, the fears are slowly displaced, and we start becoming intuitively aware of a divine security and enabling, called trust; we learn to yield, let go to abide in union with Him. This is the miraculous result of coming to know and taste the Father's Love. As we let go to trust God we become free. So long as we still grasp at securing ourselves we are still bound to a hopeless state. We must come to know the truth of Him and His love.

As you know, His work of liberating us is a time of great confusion and pain, in the thick of it. We may think “this can't be God,” may resort to unworkable methods like “rebuking the devil and his minions,” but in that we would remain bound.

Rather, be filled with the security of the Father's unconditional love... (The Lord is my shepherd, what more do I want or need). Don’t gravitate like the Jews in the wilderness, lusting again for Egypt (fear) bondage, aka, the fear of loss of control.

We must come to see His unconditional love and His sufficiency, as we begin to view all things from His eternal perspective – He sees you as a person already “complete in Christ.” Only the love of the Father can free us from within, free us from clutching and clinging to what we perceive as some tasty treat, like the monkey; then learning to live loved in the constancy and security of His love, regardless of the outer appearance of our situations.


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