Monday, August 10, 2009

God Fixes A Fix

I believe that was part of a quote from Bob Mumford. After listening to the latest pod cast from The God Journey with Wayne and Brad, that quote came to mind from Bob.

How often does our loving caring heavenly Father do just that, fix a fix for us whereby the necessary and available grace that saved our spirit and made us one in and with Him, is now also wanting to save our soul, having His life fully formed in us as us, not just in our spirit?

I love what Oz Chambers has to offer with my thoughts here very much, read them here.

Our being identified in and with Christ is taking us into divine fixes that will not register with a one size fits all template , and unfortunately there will be those wanting to fix us according to a man centered (but inspired by Satan) body of soulish knowledge.

A couple of quick points of reference are, Job, no one was able to see behind that curtain but God himself in bringing about His divine fix for one of His sons. Also in the life of His son Jesus, after Peter clearly sees and acknowledges that Jesus is the Christ, Jesus begins to lay out his necessary next step, going to Jerusalem where he will ultimately have a collision course with a cross with His name on it.
Peter hears this and begins to protest; Jesus in love, of course, rebukes Him for channeling Satan’s thoughts.

None of us are going to escape these divine fixes he is going to choreograph with our names on them.
The foundation to everything is, that God IS Love! Anything and everything that seems to contradict this unchangeable fixed reality is the very thing required to transform us within our soul, not merely our being fixed, parroting a lifeless robotic religious script that “God is Good”!

Often in running smack dab into this unalterable reality that God is Love, we try to make it fit, line up with our circumstances and situations that far from our liking, or our comfort. It is in these messy times we either become more religious or learn to be real, something He cherishes!
Religion leaves no room for the ugliness and self-righteousness that we cling to as we have to face the real and rawness of life that totally refutes that God is Love. His desire is for us to be real with him in our tortuous pain and discomfort and not try to get Him buy into our pious religious platitudes.



Daveda said...

Having a daily revelation of this love helps us to trust in Him to "fix" it all! Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

Rich said...


Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.
If He doesn't transform us into living walking talking expressions of "God is love" then, its all about don't follow me, follow Him!

The (our) soul is being time after time, shaken and sifted in light of this unshakable reality God is love, making known to us in the fury of it all any and all contentment is only a beautiful fruit of encountering this living and loving God and Father!!