Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What Would It Look Like

Margi (my wife) and I were discussing the other day after listening to a pod cast how the co-host or hosts on the pod casts were almost always in sync, agreement with the host of the pod cast. What she asked, if the co-host/s were free enough in the security of His love to at times say, “Sorry, I do not agree with that”?!

To see things differently is good and rightly so that it is this way, it allows us to be stretched maybe in ways we had not planed or thought of. In my opinion it also takes the focus off of the host as being the one with the final word.

Often listening to a pod cast lately it sort of reminds me of still being in the institutional set up, where you listen to the Man of God speaking for Him, never do you ever consider voicing what you see or think being sometimes very different (not better) from what is coming forth as the gospel!

Are we just clones clowning around simply bobbing our heads like the little dog in the back of the car window in agreement with something that we know is not right?



Rich said...

How exciting would it be when a needed “I don’t agree or see it that way” was freely embraced so that together both host and co-host/s would have the equal opportunity to embrace perhaps a much bigger understanding of this One who has apprehended us.

I know as an example in my life, my wife being a very different person than I am, (in fact as we all are), would refrain from speaking her mind about seeing things differently than me for fear of me getting mad. That was when she was under the stranglehold of religion. How grateful we both are for the miracle of His unconditional love that continues to free us from this vicious paralysis and allows us both to grow in seeing His bigness expressed uniquely in not only seeing many things alike, but also very differently!

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