Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome To The New (Real) World

There are numerous stories of those who heard of the “new world” and for many different reasons sought it out, many leaving all they ever knew in their birth country to venture into the unknown, aka, the new world.
What they knew and understood about this new world and their actually getting there and trying to put down roots was a whole different reality, just read the history books.

The truth (reality) offered to us in Christ is not merely a change in perspective it is the only way of living in this world but not of it!
So many of us who have been translated, transported through the portal of grace into the family of God the Father, are trying to operate in this new frontier with a remaining old mind set, is it any wonder there are such incongruent clashes happening repeatedly?
Just when you think you have an inkling as to what it is all about, suddenly you are entering something far stranger than the story bound Twilight Zone.

There is so much on and in the heart of our loving Father that He desires to share with us but, much of it we cannot bear as of yet. The ability is there resident within our spirit union with the Father, but our soul e.g. our mind is far from being able to grasp this intuitive language and reality that is trying to ‘fully’ define whose we are and who we are!

There is no ability to live in this new order, new world with an old mind set, as if there really was a secret of mixing oil with water, law with grace-ha! The momentum of the unforced rhythms of grace is violently and aggressively dealing with that which is totally hidden to our understanding, keeping us bound inwardly to an identity that is no longer ours.
As in the song The Battle Hymn of the Republic, where it says, “He is sifting out the hearts of men beneath His judgment seat”, is a case in point, He is trying our hearts motives, attitudes reasoning’s and inclinations.
This is all part of our inward emancipation; the impetus is birthed out of our perfect union with the Father, it is His purpose for us to be fully conformed and transformed by this abiding and unalterable reality of His unconditional love.

The rabbit hole only gets deeper!!


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