Thursday, February 18, 2010

Richard'z Rantz

Hopefully soon this will be the name of my newest blog. Often the connotation with the word “rant” is seen as negative, that is not my intention, more to the point, I see it simply as a fleshed out version of what I do best, think out loud.
Often folks who are more fear filled than dwelling in the security of Father’s love see this, my ranting, aka thinking out loud as an emphatic “thus says the Lord”!
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Something that once again got my attention in listening to a pod cast was this, “we are all gifted so differently.” What the???
From where I sit, my perspective is that all who have been received of the Father have been given God’s unspeakable gift of His son, which is in fact the most gifted, treasured gift any and all could ever receive. Is it more to the point that He the “gifted One” in us as us, simply wants to uniquely express his giftedness through each of us?

For both my wife and I, it’s as simple as breathing when it comes to this issue of ‘gifting, giftedness.’ Christ was NOT an add on to a great thing we already had going, he came to BE our only life, and out of that life was a love we hade never ever known, and I don’t care how or where anyone cares to point to a certain someone that stands out to them as being “loving”!

Jesus seemed to be quite toxic in not patronizing the suggestion offered to him one day, “Good master what must I do, etc etc.” Jesus spins around and point blank addresses this blatant lie, “Why do you call me good, there is NO one good but God.”
It’s no wonder we have such erroneous misconceptions seeing that it was in our initial conception (born in sin and shaped in iniquity) we were all born into the world (matrix) system of seeing things all ass backwards, not so for Jesus, he addressed humanity’s skewed and twisted misconceptions in its tracks.
“Unless you see the source of all goodness in me as me, then it’s nothing but your version of ethics and morality thinly coating the external so not to see the inward depravity lurking less than skin deep.

Using my wife’s words here, when Jesus’ words penetrate our lives, addressing our blindness, there is a “seismic shift” that is unleashed; it is that which unsettles our neat and tidy sane world of orderly chaos!


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