Sunday, February 21, 2010

Simple Truth

The purpose and goal of God has always been life. This may seem like a simple truth but it is nonetheless one we very often lose sight of. God’s love makes Him interested in the doings of the world but this is not His primary focus.
What I mean by this is that God is not centered on cleaning up world government or stabilizing the economy. The Father is not even primarily working toward social (bight my tongue) justice. How can I say this? I can say this because if any of these things were God’s primary focus they would have been accomplished long ago.
Rather, the Father is principally interested in our living. It is only when we have a proper focus on life that we can produce proper doing (activity).

Take as an example all the religious doings and law keeping that many in Christianity and other religions engage in. In all this activity that fills our days the simple issue of life is often lost in the bustle. As a consequence, all this effort comes to little enduring result. We were created by the Father to live in and by the life of Christ. The works and doings are really only secondary issues to God. Further, these are negative issues to the Father when they interfere with the operation of His life in His children.


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