Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Quick Fix

Barriers to Experiencing the New Covenant

Do you know your identity in Christ but still feel “stuck”? Do you know that Christ is your Life but still feel “stuck”? Maybe you aren’t the one who is “stuck” but you know someone who knows the New Covenant who is. In this webinar, you will hear about how to deal with these barriers. One of the key elements of this Webinar will be the emphasis on listening to God to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal your ‘stuck” places. Space to attend this live webinar is limited to 100 people and we still have room for you and anyone you want to invite.

The following was the lead in to an email invitation I received, along with who knows how many others, to take advantage of discovering where the kink (barriers) in my spiritual hose might be and presumably preventing me/us from experiencing the “New Covenant.”

This isn’t about casting aspersion's or to disparage the person sending this email invitation, but somehow to cut through the bull shit smoke screen discerning what is really true and what isn’t .
It seems without fail in situations similar to this that the holy “trump-card” is usually pulled out, “judge not lest you be judged.” What the hell ever happened to where Jesus qualified judging, “when you judge, judge righteously?”
Somehow exercising any discernment is tantamount to black-balling a person, oh God help us!


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