Saturday, March 08, 2008

Just A Concept

I'm curious about something regarding the Truth, and by that I mean, truth being synonymous with the only one who said, I Am the Truth-Life and Way.
It is a very curious thing to me in hearing so many (this is not a cheep shot at anyone) speaking of truth purely as a 'concept' (conceptual thing).
One of the meanings of the word 'concept' is; Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion.

Is Christ as the Truth, simple giving us greater and bigger heads, sharper minds, purely nothing more than warm fuzzy God concepts?
Or, His the transformational workings of the same grace that apprehended (re-birthed) us now working to establish, fully form Christ IN us?
Is this merely some wild acid trip concept man? Or is the reality of Him (Christ) not only being in us, but Him becoming fully formed within us, the reality that is to facilitate the needed transformation of our soul (mind, will, and emotions)?

Hammering out my thoughts with a brother yesterday (its Hammer time) this was some of what I was processing.
Does the Truth not become the truth as long as say you or I can not grasp the 'concept'? Or does the Truth exceed and transcend intellectual prowess? In my opinion conceptual thinking speaks of me finally getting a handle on something vs the Truth making Himself known to me because of the intuitive flow of the Life of the Father in me? click here
That imo transcends all barriers! If its all about clever sharp mindedness, then maybe it isn't level and equal ground we all stand upon in Him. (Except you becoming like a child, Jesus said)
From what I am beginning to see its that intuitive flow of His life in us that scares the B-Jesus out of us, why, because its so far beyond our ability to establish control.

Is truth merely an academic expose on conceptual thinking?
How does conceptual fit in with, All I know is once I was blind, and now I see,such a concept... far out, this Jesus guy is.
Or, how about this one; I did not receive this concept from man, nor did man teach me this concept, it was a revelation from the conceptual Jesus Himself?
My faith? Sure, let me tell you about my relationship with my concept of God that I have.

Is he merely the God who was or perhaps, maybe the God of who will be, but in the mean time, hopefully my conceptual Jesus will keep me happy.


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