Friday, March 21, 2008

What’s Your Name: Who’s Your Daddy?

The best any of us can do, is judge by what we see, judging a book by its cover sort of thing. It is a very easy thing to mistakenly come to a wrong conclusion about some book based upon its cover, but it’s a whole different and much more serious issue when it comes to misreading (wrongly judging) a person.
The word ‘judgment’ is a word that conjures up some very negative, caustic and painful reactions from a lot of people, especially those who have been falsely accused (judged). Read part 1

The scriptures are full of seemingly blatant contradictions, (judge not lest you be judged) but maybe it’s these apparent in-congruencies that need to be held in tension to see for sure what we do NOT fully see yet, ergo the word ‘judgment’?

Simply because a word that points to a real and literal action such as judgment, has been so terribly misused and abused by so many, of course we should simply stop trying to do what we were never designed to do-right, wrong?!
The judging we are told to do is one of righteous judging, not according to our natural senses, why, well, as Jesus pointed out how he operated in and with judging there will be a redemptive conclusion rather than a smug look on the face of the one who blew out the flickering light of the one only to make themselves look better.
“I can do nothing on My own initiative As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is just, because I do not seek My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.”
For what its worth in matters where judgment is required it would appear that we aren’t doing this to make ourselves look good.

I’m not sure the ‘ways of God’ are going to ever be made known to a person who has crossed the line of merely asking God to further explain and help to understand, to becoming someone who stands in the place of an interrogator of God sitting Him in the hot seat and demanding from Him, ANSWERS!!!

The placing or giving of a name to our children and the name given to us is something of utmost importance in my opinion. I see it tying in with our spiritual birth-right in coming to know our true father (the father of our spirit), not just our biological parents.It is too long of a story to unload here, but suffice it to say in naming our daughter Laura, (victorious spirit-overcoming spirit) the grit, the embedded, hidden as it were dynamics within her recreated spirit would facilitate her becoming what her name pointed to. Like wise with our son Matthew (gift of God).
As I said in part one of,
What’s Your Name , because of sin entering the world through the human agent of man, everyone has been stamped, imprinted in their DNA aka, the sin-matrix-imprinting, and that dictates every thought and action we take.
I find it sadly amusing remembering from the original Matrix movie, # 1, how when Neo was being awakened from the Matrix it showed a scene where he was cocooned in a pod-like container along with additional humans too numerous to count.
Although the pod-like cocoon was the same for all of the imprisoned humans, each person according to the sin-matrix-imprinting was scripting for them a so called reality that they were living out a fully productive life somewhere in the ‘real world.’
Is this not in fact what sin has done in all of humanity?

I want to try and bring this together in concluding here, and in so doing, I think what I read this morning about Jacob and his wrestling match with the angle of the Lord just might fit in. Especially that later part of the
chapter vs. 24-32,
In the wrestling altercation Jacob is crippled, but is about to discover what he has never know, and it begins to unfold in one penetrating, explosive question, ‘What’s Your name?’ Jacob was determined to not let go until he was blessed, but little did he know what that really encompassed, nor do we~ha!
All his life he saw himself shaped, cemented in an escapable merciless taskmaster mind set, (the sin-matrix-imprinting) but suddenly bursting in upon his consciousness a whole new vista was about to be implemented.

True judging based upon the love of the Father frees us to see and know at a distinct and intuitive level what is required, and in my opinion, it will always unbind that which has been bound all its life.

What a far out thought, by His grace being made free to BE the person He called us to BE, living out of our true identity (DNA) embracing and encountering all that awaits us without fear.



Dave A. said...

I didn't know enough to go to bed.. .here I be reading your latest entries... en-treats, as they are.

There is no escaping the battle when Jesus is who we want.

much love to you.

Rich said...


Right on bro, and it IS Jesus we want, so bring it on. :)