Thursday, March 13, 2008

Your Door is Ajar

Sharing with a friend today, talking about the ongoing workings of the cross and its applications in our progressive transformation; I see it to be what catapults us as it were through the faith portal.
Man’s ingenuity in devising tools of torture such as the cross Jesus died upon, was designed to put an end to the life of Jesus, but God the Father used it to infuse us with Life that flowed out of its hellish work, talk about using the foolishness of preaching to confound the so called wise.

Yes the door is ajar, it’s been a door previously closed, you know where it talks about the One, (and no, I’m not talking about Neo from the movie The Matrix,) it is written about, ‘I am the one who closes a door no man can open, as well as He that opens a door no man can close.’ As a matter of fact Jesus referred to Himself as being the door we are to pass through, cool.

In this world we are going to experience troubles with a capitol T, and those trouble are meant and designed by God be the tools to exercise their powerful effects in the inner transformation of our barren (womb) soul.
Further in our sharing today with my friend, these thoughts flowed together; in my opinion if pouring out our heart propels us forward, rather than simply being HONEST, (and using our honesty to justify not moving forward) then I see that as real growth.

David was just like us, with sin and Satan in the flesh, yes he was more real-raw than most, but he somehow found-discovered the wherewithal to be propelled into so much more of what the father had for him, maybe this speaks of why God called him a man after his own heart, just a thought!
Am I, are you being catapulted forward, or hiding behind being honest and using it as an excuse to stay a spiritual quadriplegic?

I am sensing the sufferings we are allotted to experience may not come gift wrapped in shinny, or pretty paper, but none the less a treasure in disguise.
Is complaining allowed, sure, its optional, but to resist His grace brings in total paralysis.
I wonder if this comes close to what so many have said before; ‘Either shit, or get off the pot’?
Could it be that God is using these shitty, chaffing and painful irritations to bring forth the needed changes in my heart and mind?

There are things happening in my life work-relationally related, that are hard to put into words, but I know no matter how difficult they are He will not allow me to wallow too long in any of it, he has made and is making Himself more attractive to me than wanting to settle for cheap grace tricks.
Somebody said once, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, well the reality of the finished work of the cross and its applications to our lives isn’t a magic show nor about trickery, plus I ain't no dog.

I really wonder about Love, meaning in a relationship between a man and a woman or vise versa, maybe its much more to do with being in love with our loving feelings, and bring that over into the spiritual realm in our so called relationship with God; are we just in love with our feelings of love?
Maybe that’s a huge part of us being diss-illusioned, cause He just don't seem to want to keep making ME feel good!
Through the caustic applications of His grace the kicker in my opinion of growing in the knowledge of His love is that it transcends our soulish emotional highs and lows, and that in and of itself is a huge thing to process.

Wrapping this up I want to share this from Amy over at “How Are Ya Ralph”

See, it’s so simple in her illustration, we can acknowledge and be honest, but not get morbid about it, that’s what I am sensing. How amazing is that!


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