Sunday, March 23, 2008

One Size Fits All?

Is it possible for grace to be talked about, but in reality it being nothing more than a law in disguise (A wolf in sheep’s clothing)?

Here’s the deal, I have no problem extending ‘grace’ to anyone with regards to their seeing (say for example) one day being more important than another day, such as today Easter Sunday, or two days ago, Good Friday.
Really it can touch on just about anything for that matter, home schooling vs kids going to the public schools, in vs out of an institutional setting, eating meat, vs being a vegan, but does ‘one size (really) fit all’?

If grace is being extended to those (as it talks about in the New Testament) that are ‘weak in the faith’, wouldn’t it stand to reason that grace might be graciously reciprocated back?
There are a whole slew of thoughts that would appear to be incongruent or at odds with one another, for example, the following; especially
verses, 4, 8, 16-23, and; pretty much all of chapter 14 of Romans.

I love how chapter 14 ends with this encouraging word: So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.



Dave A. said...

Bring on the Cadbury eggs, I say.

I did a son's duty and attending Episcopal Easter service with my wife and her this morning. I grew up in this place. And as they say... you can't go back. But I enjoyed the music and watching folks as they enjoyed their time there. My mom, on the other hand, had too many emotional memories of how it used to be there when she and my dad attended. She said she can't go back either. (whew! Thanks, Mom!!)

Rich said...

Bro Dave,

Glad to hear you had such a good time with the Family.
Being free in Him is so liberating-relaxing not having to get everyone to see things my/our way, eh?
As long as folks want His Way, 'it's all good stuff.'

Funny how when that which is perfect (His love)comes, the way we thought as a child, spoke and acted like a child is put away, a whole new vista opens up like never before.

Have a great Easter Bro :)