Sunday, April 27, 2008

Am I Sick?

This past winter has been one of the hardest on me personally health wise that I can ever remember, maybe it has something to do with getting older, I don’t know.
Lets take an inventory shall we.
First there was the prostate biopsy that was needed because of the PSA levels being a bit higher than they should be for a man my age, which was a delightful experience to say the least.
The results from that showed to be very good except for a couple of minor anomalies that caused some minor concerns by the specialist I went to, and the need to follow up every six months for two years just to make sure all is and remains well.

Following this was a succession of colds that lasted and lasted only in getting over one to be followed by yet another, four in all.
The last one turned into an extreme case of bronchitis then into pneumonia accompanied with the bonus of the flu just for good behaviour.
Because of the seriousness of this I had to have two different sets of x-rays taken along with a cat scan. The first set of x-rays showed a spot on my left lung, and following that, the cat scan showed nothing at all on the left lung, but something (a spot) on the right lung, as well as some anomaly showing up in the lymph glands in the right lung area as well.
Last Thursday I had to go into a neighbouring larger city to see a lung specialist, as my family Dr was stumped as to why there were these incongruence's showing up?
There’s more to this story but I will cut it short for now.

My point being, health wise, it was and is most apparent to me that in being sick, really sick, a physician or Doctor is hopefully someone that can do me some real good rather than additional harm.

I am pondering on the fact that Jesus himself said, ‘I have come for the sick-needy, for it’s the sick that are in need of a doctor/physician, not the healthy.’Is it any wonder that so many that have never been shattered/broken/devastated by their own sin look upon the biblical words such as ‘grace-love-forgiveness-healing-life’ as just concepts?
I wonder if God’s grace-love-mercy-life-forgiveness remains only for the needy ones, but not for those believing they are not sick, unhealthy.Also in this vain of thought didn’t Jesus say, ‘Those who love much are those that realize-know they have been forgiven much?’

So long as a person is duped into believing they have the right stuff and never seem to have a rendezvous with disaster why would His love-grace-forgiveness be anything but merit badges worn on their self-righteous vests?



Ruth Lang said...

HI Rich
I would like to hear more of your story of what is going on with you, hope and pray all is well for you.
My father had hyperplasia benign and he has been doing the follow ups for a while. But all is well. It is very strange the test results on the lungs disagreeing with each other!
God's grace / love / forgiveness is for all; many don't realize they need what He has come to offer them. Until they do, yeah, it is some sort of concept that they really have no understanding of what it really means I would say.
Blessings , Ruth

Rich said...


I am going back in a months time to have another cat-scan, the specialist said they do not know enough yet re: taking x-rays/cat-scans of a person when they are sick with what I had at the time to see very objectively.
So hopefully when I go back in a month because I am very much on the mend, this new x-ray/cat-scan will disclose a much better objectivity and hopefully show that maybe what was seen on the first x-rays and cat-scan was the result of scar tissue or junk in/on my lungs from colds I have been experiencing? We'll find out more soon :)

Thanks for your prayers,

Ruth Lang said...

Oh that's good to hear Rich. I am thinking of you concerning this , this morning. Rich I was also thinking further along the terms of this post this morning, .. I was thinking of those I love who don't yet know His love mnercy and grace, When I think of their lives, I see God's grace there in their lives however in many ways, God is overseeing their lives and He is at work to bring them to the knowledge of who he truly is and his love for them (as it was in our lives and still is) He is not willing that any perish so He is at work ... bringing them in whatever fashion He is choosing. That's grace there. I would even go on to say that he completely fashions every circumstance and situation towards that one goal in their life.