Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is God Just a Concept?

At different times and places I have either mentioned on my blogs or in person how I dislike with a passion the use of the word ‘concept’ especially in relating that toward the Truth Himself and what the Truth wants to make known to us.
For example, ‘Wow what he shared in his book, what a powerful concept.’ As if it’s simply a matter of time of deducing and trying to assimilate this into a workable 2+2 = the right answer that will fit in well with what I think I know, but is the reality of God the Father being LOVE, just a concept? Or is it something that you put under a microscope and try to figure out what makes it what it is?

Is it like the dyslexic agnostic saying, ‘Is there really a Dog'? (of Love)

I really wonder if we look at God’s wanting to not only approach us but to bring us into an eye/heart witness encounter of what (Who) Love is, (you know those who have been labeled as having ‘intimacy issues’, well welcome to the human race, born into a world who’s only working definition of love is spelled out, try harder, and after that, try some more to measure up) we revert to looking at his love purely academically, intellectually?

I like Os Chamber’s thoughts
here, and here.

In my opinion all religon is looked upon as a intellectual, conceptual or philosophical study thang, my truth of concepts vs your concepts, and at best only having a vicarious relationship with whatever god through the soul/mind, intellect.

Listen to these thoughts, ‘Being saved and seeing Jesus are not the same thing. Many people who have never seen Jesus have received and share in God’s grace. But once you have seen Him, you can never be the same. Other things will not have the appeal they did before.’

‘Our Lord’s Cross is the gateway into His life. His resurrection means that He has the power to convey His life to me. When I was born again, I received the very life of the risen Lord from Jesus Himself.’

Is it any wonder why we find ourselves feeling cut off, alienated from this so called God of love when we keep trying to fit Him into our workable 2+2 concepts? I’m not sure a concept has the power to dismantle the kingdom of fear and its tormenting crippling effects within my soul, but when Love comes to town, well, look out baby cause our lives are about to be turned right side up for the first time.
Bring it on Papa!!


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Ruth Lang said...

awesome. Sorry I don't know what I did on that last comment i tried - but i wasn't watching the keyboard! how sad to deny His life in favor of intellectual concepts. We see this over and over as we live in Him and especially when we try to convey Christ to others: their way of responding often is with their viewpoint or concepts about God that they have embraced (and defend) . Loved the links over to Oz and so true where He says we can only see Christ with our own eyes , others can;t use our eyes as we cant' use theirs. But it is wonderful when we begin to share and see Him together. We pray always for eyes to see Him in one another :)